Marina Vela hosts a new edition of a non-speed astronavigation competition

Sailboats will sail without GPS, with only help of sextant, chart, almanac and clock, and will win not the fastest boat,

but the most accurate in calculating its geographical position with sextant.


From October 30 to November 8, the new edition of the Stella Oceani Competition will take place, led by the captain, YouTuber and creator of Allende los Mares, Paula Gonzalvo, and hosted by Marina Vela Barcelona.

The Competition, with more than 500 miles, will surround the Balearic Islands, and its objective is to give visibility to the cruising sailing, learning and practicing how to position in the sea without any reference to land, only with the stars and the sextant.

Since the advent of GPS, traditional navigation has been relegated to the background to the point of being forgotten, which is why Stella Oceani is committed to encouraging the use of traditional navigation methods.

Win the most accurate, not the fastest

The most accurate sailboat in calculating its geographical position with sextant, positioning itself on the map and determining the course, without using GPS, will win. The score will be calculated on the basis of three daily observations of the boats’ positions, and the one gets the most points will be the winner.

The astronavigation competition is an innovative concept promoted by Paula Gonzalvo and that brings together sailors and crews of all levels, and with a large female participation, around 25%, since many of the crews are mixed.

Sailing with the stars through the Mediterranean Sea

11 sailboats with an average of 6 crew members per each, will gather 70 people on a journey that will cover more than 500 miles, for 10 days, leaving from Marina Vela in Barcelona, ​​on October 30th, bordering the Balearic Islands and stopping in Ibiza, to return again to Marina Vela, on November 8th.

Private, rented or professional sailboats can be registered on the competition, and a social page is enabled on the website that helps to connect crew members who do not have sailboats with those boats that need to complete their crew.

Paula, Allende los Mares

Paula Gonzalvo, the director of the competition, is captain, YouTuber and creator of Allende los Mares, the reference platform in Spanish about the life on board.

She had never sailed and at the end of 2014 she decided to start a long journey around the world starting with a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to reach America. This experience marked her so much that since then she has not stopped boarding to learn to sail. Now she has already sailed 30,000 miles: Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Bay of Biscay, English Channel and 3 crossings of the Atlantic.

Allende los Mares blog was created to show the accessible, habitable and multifunctional sailboat, to encourage the female presence in the nautical world and to inspire and motivate the possibility of fulfilling a dream, a different lifestyle.

Marina Vela Barcelona

Located in a privileged area, next to the Hotel W and a few minutes from the center of Barcelona, ​​with 130 moorings and a state-of-the-art Dry Marina in Europe, fully robotized, which accommodates 222 boats that can be in the water in less than 6 minutes.

Marina Vela Barcelona, of a 100% Spanish capital, and under the management of the Mayol group, has always had as its main objective to revitalize the environment of the North entrance of the Port of Barcelona and to be open to the people of Barcelona, ​​offering not only services for the boats that establish their base in the marina, but a unique area next to the sea where to enjoy good restaurants, leisure and shopping.

More info
Itinerario: https://stellaoceani.com/itinerario
Vídeo: https://youtu.be/Uus9HCNzGnY