Discover the benefits of owning a mooring at Marina Vela Barcelona

Barcelona, the dream city, is world famous for its vibrant culture, full of life and history. Around every corner, you’ll come across its marvelous architectural gems that stand out for their stunning design and detail. And, without a doubt, the natural beauty of its beaches and ports, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background, is another of the main attractions that make it unique. But what if we told you that your experience of marine life in Barcelona can be even more extraordinary?

Imagine this: Instead of looking for a rental mooring every time you feel like enjoying a day of sailing, what if you could have your own space? You could go sailing whenever you want, without worrying about booking or finding a place for your boat? Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Buying a mooring vs. renting a mooring: The scales tip towards ownership

If you start comparing the benefits of renting a mooring in Barcelona with those of buying one of your own, you will find that the road to ownership has a number of very significant advantages, for example, availability. When you own a mooring, you have access to it at any time. Day and night, every day of the week, every season of the year, your mooring is waiting for you. You won’t have to worry about finding available space during the summer months or during the vacation season, when moorings for rent are usually at maximum capacity due to the large inflow of tourists and sailors.

Marina Vela: More than a marina, a way of life

Now, you may be asking yourself: Why choose Marina Vela? The answer is as simple as it is compelling: the services. Marina Vela is not just a place where you can moor your boat; it is a space that offers a complete experience. 

When talking about services, first of all, we must mention safety. At Marina Vela, your boat will be under surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to having security personnel, Marina Vela is also equipped with modern security cameras and highly trained personnel to guarantee the protection of your boat or yacht. So, when you decide to buy your mooring at Marina Vela, you can be sure that your boat will be well cared for and protected. In addition, outside business hours, access to the port is available only to those who own or rent a mooring.

But that’s not all. Additional services, such as stores and restaurants, make Marina Vela a unique experience. After a nice day of sailing, what could be better than enjoying a delicious meal or a refreshing drink in one of the marina’s restaurants? And, if you need some equipment for your boat or just want to go shopping, you will probably find what you are looking for in one of Marina Vela’s stores.

Marina Vela’s location is another factor that makes it stand out. Located in the heart of Barcelona, this marina allows you to enjoy the beauty and bustle of the city without giving up the tranquility and enjoyment of the sea. You can be in the city center in less than 15 minutes and back just as quickly.

Buying a mooring: A long term investment

Buying a mooring is a long-term investment. The market for mooring sales in Barcelona has proven to be resilient over time and with the growing demand for boat spaces, you are likely to see a solid return on your investment over the long term.

Beyond the monetary return, we must also consider the intangible value. We’re talking about the convenience of having a safe and accessible place for your boat, the pleasure of being able to sail at your leisure, and the freedom to decide when and how to enjoy the sea.

The decision to buy or rent moorings

Buying a mooring in Barcelona, especially in a location as exceptional as Marina Vela, offers you a multitude of significant benefits and advantages. From security and additional services to immediate availability and the potential for return on investment, there are many reasons to consider this option instead of looking for a mooring for rent.

If you are ready to make the decision and embark on the exciting experience of owning your own mooring in Barcelona, we invite you to contact us. At Marina Vela, we are ready to help you make your dream come true, contact us and we will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your marine journey.