4 points to consider when choosing a mooring for your boat

Amarres Puerto

We all often wonder what factors can affect the choice of a mooring place, what to look for and what to avoid. At Marina Vela we have been offering this service in Barcelona for years and we always get the same questions. That’s why we want to share the 4 most important factors when choosing a mooring for your boat.

1. Berth accessibility

In terms of both land and sea access. As you know, in Barcelona we have many moorings for all types of boats, always trying to offer as many options as possible, but we also take into consideration that each boat is different.

On the one hand, it is important to consider the size and navigation equipment of each boat to see if it can easily dock on the site, as well as choosing a place where the boat is not at risk and does not disturb other people entering and leaving the marina.

But water is not everything, we also believe that land access should be taken into account. You need to consider whether access to the mooring is via a solid structure or a floating pontoon, whether it is accessible by car, how far the mooring point is from the entrance to the harbour, etc.

2. Marina services

We know what to look for when choosing the mooring we want, but we will also have to consider what other marina services we will need.

Some of the most essential ones, such as electricity, water, and gas stations, are basic when renting a mooring in Barcelona or anywhere else, as they will make it much easier for us to maintain our boat and always be ready to go sailing.

And, if you are looking for something even more complete, you can check if the port has showers, changing rooms, restaurants, Wi-Fi, surveillance, and other extra services, which could save you a lot of time.

3. Protection of moorings from the weather

Rain is nothing to worry about, but it is important that the harbour has everything you need to protect your moorings against tides and big storms that could damage the hull of your boat.

4. The port environment

Last but not least, you need to consider the location of the port in relation to the city, other boats, etc. On the one hand, it is always nice to have some privacy and to be able to be on the boat, but on the other hand, you will probably want to walk around the city and be on dry land. The moorings we have for rent in Barcelona are just 20 minutes from the city centre, which is ideal if you want to take a break from the sea and go for a walk. Other ports, on the other hand, can be very far from urban centres, making it difficult to leave the boat.